How to Reset Your Brother Printer to Default Factory Settings?

How to Reset Your Brother Printer to Default Factory Settings?

Printer issues are only methods of your printer to whine of its inside, programming and connectivity issues. There are fixes that we can resolve by essentially killing on and our printer or simply plug and unplug the force line. In any case, when basic errors are getting dull, perhaps the time has come to give your printer a hard reset.

Indeed, a hard reset will return your printing to its default plant settings. That implies erasing all the connections, chronicles, allocated printer settings and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. For what reason would you have to do that? Since as opposed to taking a chance with your printer to rehashing issues and manual troubleshooting, playing out a hard reset clears up all that which permits you to arrangement and connect it properly.

Printer Control Panel

  • Switch off your printer and ensure that all spreads and covers are safely shut.
  • Fitting the force rope from the outlet and prepare to reset.
  • Press and hold the “go” button situated on the printer’s control board. Set the force on without relinquishing the “go” button. Hold up until the printer is totally fueled up.
  • Delivery “go” catch and hold up until the light markers are steady and starts killing.
  • Press the ‘go” button multiple times when the light pointers are dynamic once more.
  • This will reset your printer to its default settings.

Software Reset

  • Open your internet browser and go to and click on the “Backing” menu. Select “Drivers and Downloads” and click on “Printers” from the dropdown menu.
  • Pick or type in your printer model and click “view” and see “your outcomes”. Select your OS (working framework) and click “search”. Check for the outcome with “BRAdmin” and lick on the “Data and Download” link at that point click “Download”.
  • Run the downloaded program and adhere to the guidelines until fulfillment. Dispatch BRAdmin and select Brother MFCL2700DW to reset.
  • Open “Control” menu and select “Organization Configuration”. Type in your password on the off chance that there is any, at that point click “alright”.
  • Explore the “Control” menu and select “Processing plant Reset”.

Resetting your Brother printer to default processing plant setting is an activity you can’t fix. Make a reinforcement record for your reports, documents, passwords and IP addresses before playing out the hard reset.

Troubleshooting Brother Printer

If you are having any problems with your Brother printer, the guides below may help you troubleshoot it: